How We Help You Improve Your Personal Credit

A+ PLUS FINANCIAL SERVICESPersonal CreditHow We Help You Improve Your Personal Credit


We are committed to providing the best credit repair service and obtaining the highest credit scores possible for each client.

1. You will be given an individual free credit consultation to assess your needs.
2. An individual consultant will be assigned to your case.
3. Based on your credit report and our consultation, a personalized action strategy will be developed to address your credit needs.
4. Through our credit repair service we will dispute any questionable issues with the three leading credit reporting agencies, actual creditors, and/or collection agencies on your behalf.
5. We provide you with legal letters to stop any and all collections calls to your home or business and also stop the collection agencies from contacting you by mail.
6. We will assist you in raising your score by re-establishing your credit lines, while continuing to monitor your credit.
7. Once your credit has been re-established, we will work with you to continue to improve and then maintain your credit score.

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